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AIAVS Fellows Subscription Service:


This program offers a deliberate and consistent approach to ongoing training and updating of skills for aesthetic gynecologic surgeons.

AIAVS Online Training: Preview Material Available for a limited time

Non-Surgical Treatment for
Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Radiosurgery 101 for the Gynecologic Surgeon
Presented by Dr. Red Alinsod 12/17/2021, at the ICGC in Dubai
4th International Cosmetic Gynecology Conference

Available to AIAVS Fellows
Master’s Course for Ongoing Education
Focused on Aesthetic Gynecology

2022 Video and Live Schedule
2021 Video and Live Schedule
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Bi-weekly release of new and original content (Videos, PowerPoints, Forms, Graphics), created by Dr. Red Alinsod from his personal clinical practice. This is for the experienced aesthetic/gynecologic surgeon that concentrates on complex and combination surgeries, providing strategies on how to approach surgeries logically, with precision, to obtain outstanding results with consistency. Live interactive Zoom Conference at the end of each month.  This is not a CME program.
Available to AIAVS Fellows and Affiliate Graduates: $5,000 per year or $500/month for 12 months


This unique and valuable service is specifically for:

  • Past AIAVS Fellows who have taken one of Dr. Alinsod’s Private or Group 3-4 Day courses going back to 2005.
  • Current physicians who have completed both the Labial and Vaginal Modules.
  • Graduates of Approved Affiliate Educators may join through the Affiliate Program described below.


This program offers a deliberate and consistent approach to continually train and update your skills as an aesthetic gynecologic surgeon who has already trained with Dr.Alinsod. It places you back in Laguna Beach, right beside Dr. Alinsod to see what he sees and to see how he approaches problems in real time. Most of videos are made in exceptionally brilliant 4K or HD and have live narration to transport you back and feeling as if you were one-on-one with Red again. All videos are carefully curated to be of the highest quality and exceptional value. Thousands of hours have gone into the production of these video presentations. You will not have to travel, risk your health, and can learn from the comfort of your own home and office.

As an added value service your practice will also be listed on Dr. Alinsod’s highly viewed websites as an AIAVS Fellow or Associate Fellow with membership in its continuing education program. They include www.vaginalrejuvenation.com and www.thermiva.org. You will have an entire page to highlight your skills, special offerings, to draw patients directly into your practice. These websites are SEO managed, valued at over $5,000 per year, and yours without additional costs.


  • 1. Monthly Video Releases: On the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month you will receive a link to videos to watch and review. Most videos are 1-2 hours long with either live narration or voiceovers with detailed commentary.
  • 2. Access Alinsod: Private meetings with Red
    • Dedicated scheduled time (15+ Min) for Active AIAVS Fellows Course Members
    • Online Self Scheduling for Zoom or FaceTime:
    • Mon-Thr: 8:30 – 9 AM, 12:30 – 1:30 PM, 4 – 5 PM PST
    • Other times can be arranged
    • Dedicated email:alinsod@me.com
    • Mentoring, Case Review, Marketing, Publication Assistance, Patent and IP, Podium Time, Contract Assistance, Legal, Networking
    • Access to all the registration and consent forms
  • 3. Alinsod Live:
    • Quarterly Group Zoom Meetings
    • The last Thursday of January, April, July, Oct
    • 7-8 PM PST
    • Tech Updates and What’s New: Surgical/Energy/Biologics
    • Special Guest Speakers: Worldwide Access
    • Marketing/Social Media/Internet: Access to my team of experts


AIAVS Affiliate Program

This program allows physicians who have not gone through the AIAVS training program to participate in the AIAVS Master’s Course for Ongoing Education Focused on Aesthetic Gynecology to join in the AIAVS Fellow Course and take advantage of the valuable services described above.

Graduates of the Approved Affiliates listed below are welcome to join the AIAVS Fellows Course.

  • Alexander Bader
  • Michael Goodman
  • Sejal Ajmera
  • Suleyman Eserdag
  • Oscar Aguirre
  • David Matlock
  • Marco Pelosi
  • Amr Seifeldin
  • Joao Jaenisch
  • Marco Pelosi
  • Rafal Kuzlik
  • Piotr Kolczewski
  • Rashad Haddad
  • Aiman Attar
  • Others pending approval
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