Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE

Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Red Alinsod completed medical training at Loma Linda University Medical Center in 1990. He served a 12-year Air Force career with 4 active duty years at George and Nellis Air Force Bases. He has practiced in Southern California, Nevada, and Texas. His base is at The Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas.

Red has built a thriving cosmetic urogynecology following. He is the Director and founder of South Coast Urogynecology and The Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery (an educational center) and Gynflix (Online e-Learning).

His International teaching program is the first of its kind to combine both pelvic reconstructive and aesthetic principles together. He has trained many of the world’s leading doctors and instructors in cosmetic gynecology and has presented his techniques worldwide for over 28 years.

He is co-editor of Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery, Concepts, Classification and Technique, the seminal textbook for plastic surgeons and gynecologists in this rapidly growing field. He is the Founder and Chairman of CAVS (Congress on Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery), the oldest and longest running Congress dedicated to Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery. It is now incorporated into The International Society for Cosmetogynecology, the Grand Daddy of the field.

He is the inventor of the “Barbie Look” and “Hybrid Look” Labiaplasty, Medial Curvilinear Labia Majoraplasty, Central and Lateral Clitoral Hood Reduction, Clitoral Reduction with Medial Clitoral Hood Reduction, In-office No-IV Labiaplasty, Perineoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Micro Tumescent Labial Block, Pudendo-Levator Block, LightScalpel and RF Anal Skin Tag Excision. He is the inventor and patent owner of the Lone Star APS Vaginal Retractor, APS Surgical Table, Alinsod Scissors, O-Shot Alinsod Speculum, and various devices and techniques such as Sling with Bladder Support and Implants and Procedures for Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders. Dr. Alinsod is the inventor and patent owner of ThermiVa and Genital Predictive Permeation. He is the inventor of amniotic fluid use for overactive bladder with AmDrop and co-developer of O2Vasc for improvement in genital bloodflow. He is also the originator of exosome use for genital conditions and XOTox for overactive bladder.

Dr. Alinsod specializes in non-surgical feminine restoration, treatment of stress incontinence, overactive bladder, atrophic vulvovaginitis, orgasmic dysfunction, vulvar dystrophy, and modern management of menopausal symptoms.

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Dr. Alinsod’s Inventions

Patents/Patent Pending and Equipment Developed

  • ThermiVa
  • Lone Star APS Retractor
  • Implantable Sling with Bladder Support
  • Implants and Procedures for Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders
  • Desara Incontinence Sling System
  • Ascend A and Ascend P Pelvic Reconstruction System
  • Brought first Ultra Lightweight Mesh to USA in 2005 (POP Mesh/Restorelle)
  • Alinsod Urogyn Table
  • Alinsod Scissors, Pickups, Clamps
  • Predictive Permeation/DEP Vulvovaginal Wand

Procedural inventions

    • Radiofrequency Surgical Techniques for Aesthetic Gynecologic Surgery In-Office
      • First to treat vulvovaginal tissues with non-surgical RF energy
      • Feathering Technique for Resurfacing Revision surgery
      • Micro Tumescent Labial Block
      • Pudendal-Levator Block
    • In-Office RF Labiaplasty
      • Barbie Look
      • Hybrid Look
      • Vertical and Lateral Clitoral Hood Reduction and Hoodoplasty
      • Lateral Curvilinear Clitoral Hood Reduction
      • Grooving Technique for Labial Creation
    • In-Office Awake No IV Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty
    • Medial Curvilinear Labia Majoraplasty
    • Thermi-O (ThermiVa + O-Shot) and O-Shot with AmDrop Amniotic Fluid
    • ThermiVa Research on
      • Tightening of vulva and vagina
      • GSM
      • Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
      • OAB
      • Orgasmic Dysfunction
      • Stack Therapy with Fractional Laser combination
      • Vulvar Dystrophy, Vulvar Vestibulitis, Lichen Sclerosis, Pelvic Pain
    • Gynecologic Predictive Permeation for local anesthesia, vulvar lightening and plumping, platelet rich plasma and amniotic fluid placement, treatment of vulvar dystrophy/LS/Dermatitis.
    • O2Vasc development, research, production: Topical serum to increase genital bloodflow
    • Amniotic Fluid and Exosomes for gynecologic conditions
    • NEO Naturals Exosome for Gynecologic Condition
    • FemXHA PRP + HA Kit for Vulvar Filling and Lichen Sclerosis Treatment