Hymenoplasty, or hymen repair surgery, reconstructs a torn hymen.  It is an elective surgery but can be life-saving in many countries due to social reasons.  The surgery is banned in many countries and called “vaginal repair” in others.  The goal of surgery is the reapproximating of the hymeneal edges that were once together.   It works best for women who have not had vaginal birth.  For best results, those who have had vaginal birth should consider a vaginoplasty and perineoplasty to go along with the surgery to achieve a pre-pregnancy appearance and function.

I developed the Pillar Technique (aka Alinsod Denuding Hymenoplasty) using ultra fine radiosurgery to create consistent and virtually undetectable results.  Most of my patients come from the Middle East and Africa.  The ultimate goal of surgery is to bleed during first intercourse. It takes me an hour to complete this surgery.


Patient History: This young lady, in her mid 20s, flew in from out-of-state and requested a hymenoplasty surgery prior to her wedding in the Middle East. She was foreign born but American raised and had an arranged wedding scheduled in two months. She feared for her life because of the cultural need to show bleeding on a special sheet on her wedding night. Her husband-to-be was also from the same country and was raised a Muslim. If no bleeding occurred during intercourse she feared that a young and underaged male family member would kill her to maintain the family honor. She trembled in fear as she requested this potentially life-saving procedure.

Before and During Hymenoplasty Procedure
hymenoplasty case study

4-year Post Surgery Hymenoplasty Closed

Outcome: The patient had a successful trip to the Middle East and enjoyed her wedding. She had painful intercourse on her wedding night but was ecstatic that she bled and was able to prove her virginity to her new husband and family.

Hymen Repair


Alinsod Denuding Hymenoplasty

alinsod denuding hymenoplasty

A) Preoperative retraction shows the introitus | B) Immediately postoperative after suture approximation | C) 3-weeks after the surgical repair – adhesions are healed

Alinsod Pillar Technique

Alinsod Pillar Technique