Botched Labiaplasty Revision

Feathering Resurfacing Revision with Radiofrequency and CO2 Lasers

When labiaplasty revision is needed (irregular labial edges, multiple folds, size difference) I perform a Feathering procedure with either radiowaves or CO2 Laser. This is when I smoothen out, shrink, and even out the edges using certain tools. I have used lasers for veneral warts, precancer of vulvar skin, lichen sclersosis, and even to tighten the vagina. You get beautiful smooth skin.

Since 2005, I also developed the use of ultrafine hair tip and ball tip radiofrequency devices (Ellman and Soniquence) to perform my “Botched Labiaplasty” repairs. I have patients sent to me by gynecologists, urogynecologists, cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons from all over the US and Internationally to help their patients achieve a more aesthetic appearance. Feathering can take 30 minutes to over an hour depending on degree of smoothness and shrinkage wanted. I often combine Feathering with Surgical Refinements. Recovery takes 6-8 weeks for tissues to become brand new and smoother. I will spend time with you and tell you of your options, benefits, risks, and post operative care. We do lots of these and I run the premier “Botched Labiaplasty Feathering and Revision Service” in the U.S.

feathering 5


Botched Labiaplasty
Feathering of Scalloped Edges


Feathering and Shaving the raised ridges


Using the Ball Tip to shrink and smoothen the labia and clitoral hood and showing the Q-Tip Exercise video for post operative care