Dr. Alinsod has helped thousands of patients with life-changing relief of their menopausal symptoms.  Safe treatments reduced hot flashes, night sweats, chills, foggy brain, forgetfulness, vaginal dryness.  Hormones increased libido, energy, skin tone and moisture, and comfortable sex.  At the same time, he has helped lower their risks of heart disease, stroke, thinning bones, colon cancer, breast cancer, macular degeneration, and helped improve mental acuity. Dr. Alinsod has built a successful practice concentrating on perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal real-world problems.


There’s lots of bad press on hormone use in the past that linger even now.  You may have heard about The Woman’s Health Initiative, a two-decade old study on synthetic hormone replacement therapy.  “Stop The Hormones!” was a common recommendation by so many doctors in the early 2000s that their use plummeted to less than 5% of the perimenopausal and menopausal women of America.  They were blamed for causing cancer, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and even memory loss.  Now the tables have turned and the research strong shows that when you eliminate the synthetic hormones and only use the same exact copy of hormones your body makes then those bad things do not increase in incidence.  It was the synthetic stuff that caused the problems!


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, (aka Natural Hormone Therapy, BioHRT) is using the exact copy of the hormones you used to make in abundance and giving it back to you in doses that get you to your 20–30-year-old self.  The term “Bioidentical” was invented by Jonathan Wright, M.D., to describe unpatentable, plant-derived molecules he thought were the same in structure as human hormones. He meant the word “Natural” to mean the source of the hormone to be from plant or animal.  The medical community accepts animal sources as “bioidentical.”

BioHRT can be used to treat hot flashes, night sweats, chills, flushing, and forgetfulness.  75-80% of women will suffer from symptoms as they enter menopause. A lucky 20% have zero symptoms.  BioHRT is also used for vaginal dryness and thinning of skin by replacing lost collagen and elastin and improving the blood flow to increase moisture and elasticity.  100% of menopausal women will suffer from dryness and shrinkage of the vagina if untreated.  You lose estrogen that leads to loss of collagen and elastin and blood flow and your vagina gets dry, thin, rigid, and keeps shrinking.  Sex becomes painful and sometimes impossible.  With loss of progesterone, you lose good quality sleep and the sense of well-being.  Progesterone has a calming effect on the brain.  Tempers are shorter and you don’t want to have sex and when you do have sex it isn’t mind blowing anymore.  Your testosterone plummets and your ability to fantasize and be interested in sex is in the toilet.  It’s a wicked cycle of hot flashes and night sweats leading to sleep disturbance and frequent awakening and fatigue resulting in short tempers and irritability and loss of sex drive.  Just awful.  This can hurt intimacy. Adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues can also happen complicating your health issues.  You should get a full evaluation and work up.

If you ignore hormonal deficiencies your risks for many conditions actually go up.  Many decades of research in the most prominent medical journals consistently confirm the benefits of natural hormone replacement such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and thyroid hormone. I want to help your immediate symptoms now, but perhaps more importantly, I want to improve your health and quality of life for the long term.  You still have up to half of your life ahead of you!


BioTE hormone pelletsBioTE® Medical’s method of pellet therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women across the United States achieve hormone balance and restore their health. BioTE’s approach to hormone therapy utilizing pellets involves bioidentical hormone pellets that minimize the negative side effects that are commonly associated with synthetic hormones. Age healthier…live happier!™ with the BioTE method. Using our subcutaneous pellet approach to bioidentical hormone therapy, some patients report feeling symptom relieve in as little as seven to 10 days, but complete symptom relief may take up to six months.

Dr. Alinsod explains what sets him apart when it comes to Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments

Red Alinsod, MDFirst, I am a urogynecologist and focus only on women’s issues.  I can take care of you in your teens to your 90’s.  No quack medicine here.  Science and experience based but not afraid to try new things shown to be safe and effective.  I love to combine Energy Plus Biologics to better your life.

Second, my team is Five Star.  We will get back to you right away, usually same day.  We respect your time.  You can email or text or call my team and we are happy to assist.  Same-day appointments, same-day returns of phone calls and emails are provided.  We can FaceTime and we can Zoom you too.

Third, lab services are in the office every day.  Results are given to you personally or emailed to you as soon as they arrive.  One stop shop.

Fourth, tough stuff like pelvic pain, painful sex, pelvic prolapse, fallen bladder or rectum, fallen uterus or vagina, and incontinence are my specialty so I can take care of those and not just the hormones.

Lastly, we make it affordable.  The first year of BioHRT management is only $2,000.  Each year after that is only $1200.  That is about half of most practices on a yearly basis.  It includes all your visits with me every 3-4 months plus all phone calls/texts/emails.  The labs can be done through your insurance.  If you do not have insurance, we have discounted pricing for lab services.  If you do not have a gynecologist, I will do your yearly pelvic exam and Pap at no additional cost.  The creams average $45-75 a month and will be mailed to you from my California pharmacy.  Pellets are anywhere from $350 to $500 for each visit.  Most have pellets placed every 3-4 months.

I have had a successful practice concentrating on perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal real-world problems. James Carter, M.D. taught me finesse and practical thinking two decades ago. James was a pioneer and visionary in the bio-identical world before it gained acceptance by mainstream medicine. I would like to give James the credit he deserves.