Uterine Suspension

When a hard lump is felt or seen hanging out the vagina it’s usually a cervix and uterus and often with a bladder attached.  A hysterectomy and suspension of the top of the vagina is the traditional cure.  It works very well.  If you don’t want a hysterectomy, then I can suspend the entire structure falling out with a suspension procedure I invented almost 20 years ago.   This is a great option for those with a small cervix and a small uterus typical of menopausal women.  I have taught this technique worldwide.  I use either cadaver tissue or ultralightweight mesh as suspensory and supporting pseudo-ligaments like a pulley system.  I do these in a surgery center or operating room under general anesthesia.  It takes me 60-90 minutes.  Again, a high-volume surgeon for this specific procedure is important to find if you want the best outcomes.

uterine prolapse

The cervix with the uterus behind it falling down the vaginal canal.  Feels like a spongy golf ball that you can push up and away but keeps falling out.  The middle dimple is the entry into the uterus and where sperm goes up and babies come out.

Total Uterine Prolapse

Uterine Prolapse before surgery
After uterine prolapse surgery

Above is the Before and After Surgery view of a total uterine prolapse, also called “Proincidencia.” Can you see the “smile” in the middle of the tip of the cervix? That is where you do Pap Smears.

VNew Dermal Allograft

VNew Dermal Allograft

The VNew Dermal Allograft I designed screenshot from my training video for sugeons.

VNew Dermal Allograft

Suturing VNew Dermal Allograft into place

VNew Dermal Allograft

VNew Dermal patch all secured to suspend the cervix, uterus, and to support the bladder walls