Dear Dr. Alinsod,
If someone were to ask me to describe my idea of a perfect surgeon, or perfection, I would begin with describing you, because in you I have found the “perfect” blend of everything I wanted in a surgeon. You are not only professional and hardworking, but you are a funny, caring, patient, non-judgmental, kind, attentive, innovative man of intelligence. No title or word can totally depict who you are but I am beyond proud to be your patient. You weren’t the first surgeon I looked into, but you were definitely the last and after spending a year and a half on extensive research, I knew you were the right surgeon for me and up until this day, I have no regrets. As a former victim of sexual assault for 5 consecutive years, it was crucial to me that I find someone I can trust disrobed. Let alone, touch me. Every time I had surgery (Labiaplasty, Labia Majora Fat Pad Removal, Clitoral Hoodectomy, and Perineoplasty), PRP, ThermiVa, and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, you put my nerves at peace and everyone and everything in the room seemed to cease, and that is what I feel when I am with you. I am so thankful to the Almighty to have found you. For without you, my confidence would still be in the grave but now it has been resurrected. You have given me so much more than I expected and for that, I am indebted to you forever, and all that I can promise to you is that I will continue to speak highly of you and all that you do to give young woman like me a newfound confidence and the ability to embrace our femininity. My results are impeccable. You are the epitome of the next Leonardo Da Vince and my gallery of before and after pictures are truly a masterpiece and prove what you bring in the OR. You are the sculptor and I am your canvas, and together we make great art. You know that I tell you too often how thankful I am but I don’t think that you truly know the impact you have made on my heart.

In the past year, you have surgically removed the burdens, embarrassment, anxiety, and the physical and emotional pain from my life and your name will forever be stitched onto my heart. I am truly honored and grateful to call you my surgeon, doctor, and friend. For as long as you practice in the field of gynecology, you will always be my gynecologist even if I have to pay out of pocket since you don’t accept my insurance. That’s how wonderful you are that I choose to pay for you than go to my primary care physician for free. They say you get what you pay for and you are the most incredible investment that I have ever made. Every penny well spent. Feel free to share this testimonial with your colleagues and ask them to contact me if they have any questions regarding the procedures I have undergone because I am a real patient with real results. And if they choose to do so, I promise to you and to them, that I will keep their identity confidential. For I am not ashamed or embarrassed to share my story if it will inspire other women to make a difference in their lives by seeking you. Because there is nothing better than having the ability to ask a patient herself what to expect before, during, and after surgery as scary and nerve-wracking as it can be and knowing she came out with having a positive experience.

Respectively yours,

ND, Age 22
Irvine, CA


Ever since I was a young girl I always thought I looked a bit different. My inner labia were long and dark and uncomfortable. They would pull and tug and pinch with every move I made. It was extremely uncomfortable on the daily. This made buying underwear a mission and I had completely eliminated leggings and any tight, thin clothing from my wardrobe because my labia were noticeable. I became extremely self conscious of them at a very young age.

When I started dating my high school boyfriend, who took my virginity. I had to convince him I was a virgin because he thought that my vagina looked “used.” As we grew older and started to have more sex he would always poke fun at my labia. He would pull on them and stretch them out and then call them “bat wings” or “beefy wings” or “flappy roast beef” He would say that he was “hungry for a roast beef sandwich.” Which made me want to hurl rather than set the mood. I’m sure he intentionally being hurtful but my already low self confidence was then buried to non existent.

Not only was I horrified with how I looked and was convinced every man would do the same to me and my labia, but sex was very uncomfortable, even painful for me. My labia would roll inward. It would fold over and block penetration. I had to physically move it out of the way with my fingers. So I started researching enlarged labias and what I could do about it. I saw the prices for labiaplasty surgery and tried to forget about it because I had no source of income, my mom had passed away a fears years earlier and I was too embarrassed/ashamed to ask my dad.

After my high school boyfriend and I spilt up I dated a couple guys but didn’t let any of them touch me except for one. He further destroyed my measly self confidence because he pulled his hand out of my panties like it was on fire and actually shook his hand off. I was mortified.

So again. I researched labiaplasty and surgeons in Southern California. That’s when I found Dr. Alinsod. At that time my dad had recently passed away and I was forced to drop out of college to work full time at minimum wage. So I started a fund for the day I could afford surgery having made my mind up that Dr. Alinsod would be my surgeon.

Fast forward a few years. I am happily married and had extra money saved up for surgery. I had been checking Dr. Alinsod’s website regularly. I would read and re-read all of his information, his patient testimonials, his case studies. Reviewed his before and after galleries. Everything. I did that for 2 years and then decided to finally send a email and get an estimate for surgery. His receptionist Diane, emailed me immediately and we chatted for a few minutes and then she emailed me an estimate. I had a ways to go before I had enough money to afford his expertise. And honestly, I had found a couple surgeons that were in my price range at that time, but I refused to go to anyone but Dr. Alinsod. I told Diane I’d get back to her.

About 6 months later, I got lucky with a settlement and had enough money for surgery! I contacted Diane right away and she set me a consultation for the very next week!!! AND she remembered me!!

I was so extremely nervous on the day of my consultation. I was sweating and shaking. My anxiety was through the roof. I was there to show the one thing I didn’t show anyone. The one thing that I kept hidden my entire life was about to have people staring at it. Close up. With lights. I wanted to crawl away and hide. Luckily, he had incredible bedside manner and his staff were just amazing. They calmed my anxiety a bit even tho I was still shaking like a leaf.

The ladies in his office. Diane, Maria, and Marisol are the most comforting women I’ve ever met. They individually welcomed me into their office with warm smiles and a gentle touch on the shoulder. It’s the subtle, motherly gestures that sets them apart from other surgical staff I’ve met. They care about their patients. They each made me feel important, not like I was just one of the “assembly line of patients” that other offices portray.

Dr. Alinsod was a pleasure to meet! He greeted me with a giant smile and a firm handshake. I immediately stared to relax in his presence. He was so easy to talk to. He asked about me, where I was from, what I did for work before we even started talking about what I wanted as far as surgery goes. You can absolutely tell that he cares about his patients and is very passionate about his work. It’s obvious that he enjoys what he does. He takes pride in his work. I already knew I wanted Dr. Alinsod to preform my surgery because of everything I had read on his website, his patient testimonials on other review websites, and his impressive before and after galleries. In all the research I’d done I had never seen the same effort put forth into before and after photos. Dr. Alinsod literally takes a shot of every angle, with a caption on every photo. He also uses a black background. To me, that shows a dedicated surgeon who is proud of his work. And those are the exact qualities he portrayed in person. Then his personal demeanor and that of his staff drove it home. I scheduled surgery at the end of my consultation.

I don’t remember anything from my actual surgery day. I do remember talking to Dr. Alinsod and his staff the day before. They answered all my questions and met my husband and answered his questions. Again, they all made me feel so comfortable. They gave me detailed post surgical instructions which were easy to follow. Dr. Alinsod preformed Labiaplasty on my inner labia and after that he preformed ThermiVa three times spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

The recovery was easy, I followed the post surgical instructions exactly and everything went great. I went back to work within 7 days and I wasn’t in any pain. I was obviously swollen but icing and the creams helped a lot.

5-6 weeks into healing and I could really start to notice Dr. Alinsod’s beautiful work. I was so amazed at what I looked like!! I couldn’t believe it was me in the mirror. I showed my husband for the first time and I started crying! Happy tears, of course! It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. I was no longer ashamed. I no longer felt self conscious. I was willingly letting my husband look directly at it without covering up or getting that weird, nervous feeling that I had always felt for the last 10 years of my sex life. I can’t even put into words how good that moment felt for me.

Im comfortable now. I can wear whatever I want. I can wear underwear without worrying about a lip slip. I can run, hike and work out with out worry. I can cross my legs without pinching. I can ride a horse or bicycle without rubbing. I can wear swimsuit without the cameltoe.

As far as the appearance: My Labia is so beautiful now! Omg! It looks so neat, tidy, and smooth. It’s absolutely gorgeous! My clitoris and inner labia fit neatly inside my outer labia and my outer labia are now smooth and tight. With the ThermiVa treatments, my clitoris labia are highly sensitive and achieving an orgasm is easy and the actual orgasm is mind blowing!! I highly recommend getting ThermiVa! Seriously, the intensity of the littlest touch down there is amazing! Dr. Alinsod is truly a gifted a surgeon. I can’t say that enough. He really is master at his craft.

Dr. Alinsod, Maria, Marisol, Diane:
I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to have found your office 2 years ago. For the confidence you’ve given back to me. For giggling and laughing with me at my stupid jokes. For providing me a comfortable environment. For the hand on my shoulder to insure me that I’m okay. For positive energy and good vibes. You guys have changed my negative self image into a healthy self love. I will always remember the compassion and kindness that all four of you showed me. You guys were well worth the wait. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my labia so much!

Thank you. Xoxo



You deserve much financial and personal success in your life. The impact you’ve had on my life is tremendous! I don’t know what kind of an emotional state id be in now if I hadn’t had the revision. I am very happy with the results. Give Janet and tasha my reguards. I will miss having an excuse to call them, they are such lovely ladies. Best of luck to you all.


My results are amazing. I literally would not change a single thing – NOT A SINGLE THING! Dr. Alinsod answered all of my questions and was always available, via email, before and after surgery. The procedure itself was a breeze and recovery was not nearly as bad as I expected (in fact, it wasn’t bad at all). You will not be disappointed if you choose Dr. Alinsod. He is a true artist and true professional.
5 out of 5 stars Overall rating – 5 STARS

— LP


I will never be able to adequately put into words how you have changed my life. Not only did you eradicate the physical and emotional pain that plagued me for years, but the beautiful work you did instilled a confidence in me that I have not felt since I was young. I always felt like I looked abnormal, and on top of that I experienced immense discomfort and pain on a daily basis. I was even teased by my first boyfriend for the way that I looked, which absolutely scarred me and made me feel like I could never be intimate again. For years I was traumatized and battled with internal anxiety, avoiding relationships in order to avoid the pain and embarrassment of feeling judged. I felt completely helpless and alone, thinking I would never feel normal or have a healthy relationship, if any relationship at all.

All of that completely changed when I found you. Not only is your bedside manner the best I have ever experienced, but the attention you give to your patients is absolutely remarkable. Each time I had surgery with you, it felt more like I was going to a day spa than a medical facility. It all started with Diane at the front desk, who was always incredibly sweet and more than helpful, and Maria, whose gentle and nurturing presence made me feel like I had my mom with me during surgery. It all ends with you, one of the most talented doctors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Your work is the epitome of precision, a hybrid of science and beauty that is nonexistent outside the realm of your practice. Despite having an abundance of patients constantly demanding your time, you somehow managed to make me feel like I had your full attention, like I was your only patient. I felt cared for and I felt important. During the healing process when I had a lot of questions and worries, you immediately responded and constantly reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

Dr. Alinsod, you are not just a doctor, you are not just an artist, and you are not just a kind, hardworking, intelligent, innovative human being. No word or title can entirely depict who you are and what you do, so all I can say is thank you. Thank you for lifting the emotional and physical burdens I carried for years. Thank you for transforming me, for making me feel beautiful. And thank you for being a catalyst in the growth of self-confidence I have lacked for the majority of my adult life. I don’t think you will ever truly know the magnitude of the impact you have on the lives of your patients. I am truly honored and grateful to know you.

Thank you for everything, Dr. Alinsod.

–A Grateful New Yorker


There are no words for how pleased I am with the results from my surgery. Being a model, it was very important to me that I selected the very best doctor and after a long, extensive search, I chose Dr. Alinsod. He was the best choice. I am beyond happy with the results. Dr. Alinsod is in a league of his own. He is a surgeon’s surgeon. I would gladly recommend anyone to him and I am so lucky, grateful, elated that he was the doctor that helped me. Thanks Dr. A! — JS

PS. I should mention my photographer friend who’s seen a lot of women, down there, told me I have one of the prettiest ones he has ever seen!


My experience at your office was absolutely amazing. I have never felt so welcomed at an office. And when I say that, I don’t just mean welcomed by you, I mean by you and your ENTIRE STAFF. Everyone at your office is amazing, and incredibly comforting. You weren’t the first doctor I considered, but you were the last. I knew the moment I walked in, saw your results, and received the warm welcome you and your staff gave me. Everyone treated me as if I were their own daughter going into surgery. My mom was with me, and to be honest, I though I was blessed to have her there, she didn’t need to be. Thats how truly great everyone made me feel.

I cried after the surgery, I cried tears of joy due to my amazing results. I was so uncomfortable, for so many years. I don’t mean to sound vain, but I was afraid to do anything sexually, I was embarrassed, I was uncomfortable, and 10 months after the surgery, I can tell you I feel GREAT. The results are remarkable. Especially considering the little time frame I experienced some pain and discomfort. After a month I was pretty much completely back to normal in every way. And after 3 months, I was back in the gym, had a boyfriend (which I was afraid to have prior to the surgery), and CONFIDENT.

I never, ever, in my life thought I would be confident enough to have sex. My life changed after this surgery, for the better. I was so afraid to move forward in life and nearly haunted by my outer lips. I know it sounds dumb but what can I do? It’s how I feel. There’s nothing I can do about how I genuinely feel and have felt since i was about 13. I am 21 and was 21 going into the surgery. I was terrified. But EVERYTHING went great. Like I said, I was thoroughly taken care of by you and your staff before and after the surgery. If results aren’t exactly what you want them to be, post op, you will help to get us there. It’s not an easy surgery, and nothing will ever be perfect, but your team will not stop until I am happy.

I can’t thank the office and you, Dr. Alinsod, enough for what you’ve done for me. I am so fortunate to have had a great experience and I wouldn’t recommend another surgeon to do my labial surgery anywhere else. I If I lived far I would fly to Los Angeles to get it done with you if necessary. You are the best. Your staff is the best. Like any surgery, this is a serious one and not to be messed with. Nobody should walk into any office and rush into it. I don’t want to mention any names but I did sit down with a big Beverly Hills doctor prior to meeting you and I’ll tell ya, I left hysterical and in tears. The meeting made me extremely uncomfortable. I felt like the staff and the doctor didn’t give 2 craps about who I was, the meeting was the least bit personable, and I was just another young girl getting vagina surgery done. That’s honestly how I felt. I was devastated! Here I was, at the so called best office in LA, and I had a gut feeling something was off. I did my research and met with you and was immediately comfortable. I drove from LA to Laguna Beach to meet with you, and eventually get my surgery done, and boy, it was worth it. I want to thank you, Dr. Alinsod, and your staff because they are truly amazing. This isn’t an easy process, but 3 months down the road, my life has changed for the better. I am not encouraging surgery but if it’s something other women must do, as I have done, I am encouraging all to go to you, Dr. Alinsod. Go ahead and let others read this heart felt letter.


anonymous and grateful


About 4 years ago I noticed a marked vaginal looseness. This became a very bothersome problem for me. I spoke with my primary care doctor who prescribed kegel exercises. This obviously did not work, as it does not work for most women unless they are 20 years old and never had children. I then spoke with my gynecologist who told me that the surgery to tighten my vagina was possible with a price tag of about 27,000 dollars. I was very upset. If you are reading this and considering this surgery, you already know my frustrations. I started Googling “vaginal tightening” and luckily found and clicked on Dr. Alinsod’s website. I called and spoke to Diane who immediately was able to set up an appointment for a consultation and surgery the same day because I would be on vacation down in southern California at the time. I live in the Northeast and had to fly in.

I was met at the door by Maria who is wonderful, very understanding and down to earth. She made me feel very relaxed. Dr. Alinsod walked in and I was so impressed. He mixed professionalism with humor and understanding. He made me feel instantly relaxed. The vaginalplasty surgery went wonderfully. At this time Dr. Alinsod said I was also a good candidate for labia plasty. At the time this was not important and I choose not to do it.

I can honestly say I did not follow the “healing plan”. The next day I went to Universal Studios with my family and went on a lot of rides. This was not a good idea. I caused some stitches to rip. Within 3 weeks I had to go back to see Dr. Alinsod and have him re-stitch me. He did this happily and free of charge. After 6 weeks I questioned how I was healing and went back down to Southern California to see him. Dr. Alinsod believed I was healing great and told me I was fine. After a few more weeks I emailed Dr. Alinsod and told him I was not as “tight” as I had hoped to be. He told me if I was unhappy, he would make me “good as new” and would also perform labiaplasty on me free of charge because it was a training day for him. It was extremely nice of him to do the extra surgery for me. I am now a couple weeks into the healing process and I am doing great. The surgery site looks terrific! This time I am taking it easy.

I have never met a more professional and kind doctor. He responds to all emails lightening fast and always is patient and kind. He is a true gift to his profession. He gives women a fresh start where others cannot. He is a pioneer in vaginal plastic surgery and goes where 99% of all other doctors will not. His staff is understanding, patient and kind. I would recommend him to ANY woman who wants a fresh start and who wants to feel like the woman she once was or had always wanted to be. Thank you Dr. Alinsod, you are a diamond on a beach of stones.

TA from the Great Pacific Northwest


I had surgery the first week of February months after my husband died. I was vulnerable and frightened. The initial HMO physician assigned had not inspired much confidence. After an additional consultation, I made the decision to utilize another Cigna provider; Dr. Red Alinsod. From day one, this physician made me feel comfortable. His track record (easily found on the Internet) along with the praises from staff members did not do him justice. This is a warm and competent physician. I sailed through the initial surgery and recovery with minimum discomfort and minimum recovery time. The additional procedure done with his assistant (Maria Islas) in his office last Thursday again, proved how skilled this doctor is. I was informed at every step before and closely followed after each procedure afterwards. His staff, and especially his assistant Maria Islas, are well trained, professional, kind and courteous. I am a registered nurse. I have been in the healthcare industry and licensed since 1971. I do healthcare for a living. I am very aware of the subtle nuances of good patient care. My hat is off to this type of customer service. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to Maria and to Doctor. I am very grateful…this physician saved me from a world of urinary track infections, embarrassment and discomfort not to mention preserving my good health. You Rock Doc.