I wanted to give you a bit more explanation as to why I traveled from Denver to see you for surgery after we talked at my appointment earlier today. When I am fully recovered I would love to write a testimonial for you and here is why. There are several urogyns in Colorado but none of them compare in terms of skill, experience, procedures offered, etc. There just weren’t any perfect fits in Colorado. None have your exact training and experience. There were other small issues like doctors that only used biologic mesh, don’t like using mesh, etc. One office in Denver I spoke with always does hysterectomies with any kind of uterine prolapse, as a standard. Others have different ways of doing vault repairs. I know there are other ways to perform medicine, but the protocols you follow best fit what I was personally comfortable with. You have pioneered how many things are done with prolapse surgery which says a lot about how a surgeon thinks and how adept he/she is skill wise. Your experience in the field and expertise with teaching means a lot too. Then add being able to perform cosmetic gynecology as well. I wasn’t able to find any urogyn in Colorado or the immediate surrounding states that had all the components mentioned. You also have wonderful (awesome!) bedside manner, which really puts patients at ease and instills confidence in them. There was no question in my mind that it was a good decision for me to come out to California for surgery.

I have appreciated my experience while under your care. Tell all of your great staff thank you as well. They are kind, professional, organized, and thorough. I am recovering with much more ease this time and I am thankful for that. Take care and thank you,

Happy Healthcare Professional in Denver


I will refer not only my friends but also family to Dr. Red Alinsod. He has not only fixed my problems but has made me more confident and happy with my body. I have two children and experienced 4th degree tearing with the first. Being a registered nurse I knew that there was something wrong but never took the time to care for myself. I finally got enough courage to see Dr. Red and I am very thankful I did. He treats you like a person not a patient and he listens to your concerns and validates them. I chose Dr. Red because of his outstanding reputation throughout Orange County. His office staff accomidated my needs. Always giving me time to voice my questions and concerns. I am very happy with my surgery.

Thank you for the new and improved me!

Sincerely, LF


I am originally from the Middle East and in my mid-twenties. After my child was born, some things just weren’t the same (ladies you know what I mean!). But of all the changes my body was going through, this was one that I couldn’t stand. I eventually got the guts to say enough, and do something about it (after trying a billion Kegels with no results!) I had a consultation with Dr. Alinsod and shortly after I decided to go with the vaginoplasty, and perineoplasty. The first week after the procedure was tough, but then it just healed nicely and really changed my life! My partner feels a great difference and the procedure was definitely worth it for the both of us.

Dr. Alinsod is very professional and experienced and really did a wonderful job making me feel more like my pre-baby self again!

–EM, from Cairo


Because I was so afraid of having surgery, I lived with a prolapse bladder and in need of a hysterectomy for years. About three months ago it became clear that I couldn’t wait any longer. My symptoms finally scared me more than my fear of surgery.

My primary doctor recommended Dr. Alinsod. I left my first appointment with extreme confidence in Dr. Alinsod, and much calmer about having surgery.

Seven weeks ago Dr. Alinsod did a bladder, rectal repair, and a complete hysterectomy on me. My recovery was amazing for this 78 year old. I never had pain in the surgery area, and had to keep telling myself to take it easy as instructed.

As I remember the years of misery and annoyance I went through, I now wonder why I waited so long. The surgery has made a marked improvement in my quality of life, and words can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Alinsod and his staff.


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of my procedures. I had 5 children all of whom were quite large and while no price is too high to have a fat healthy baby, it did do some damage to my “parts.” I was in my thirties and would leak urine when I laughed or sneezed and there was no way that I could go on my kids trampoline with them. I remember laughing at my Grandma when she would shriek “stop making me laugh, I’ll pee my pants!!” I really did think that happened to women when they were much older.

I had a cystocele done by another doctor first and nothing changed. I then had a rectocele/cystocele done in 2002 and I could finally do jumping jacks and play with my kids on the trampoline. Much to my dismay, last year (2010), I began getting UTI’s over and over. I finally had my GP do an exam and she said she could see my bladder. I was devastated and that’s when I started searching for a doctor who specialized in this particular problem.

I had my surgery in March and I can tell you honestly, I have never been treated better by any doctor anywhere. Your care and patience with my questions are the reason I am taking the time to write this. I was very worried about every little twinge because of the previous failures. Every time I called, you and your staff were kind and courteous and answered all of my questions. Diane always remembers me and what is going on in my life. Maria is an absolutely fabulous nurse and made me feel comfortable even during procedures that could have been embarrassing.

In July, I had to have a hysterectomy because of severe pain that I had for three years. I had been going to another doctor for this and had several ultrasounds and two biopsies. Every time, I was told there was nothing wrong. The pain was so bad that I was taking pain killers from the time I ovulated to my period. When I finally told you, you said you thought I had Adenomyosis. I was scheduled for a laparoscopic hysterectomy. The pathology came back positive for adenomyosis and I have been 100% pain free since the day I got out of the hospital. I only wish I had told you before my first surgery so we could have done it at the same time.

The hospital experience was absolutely wonderful and I was treated like a very important person.

I recommend your practice to every woman I know. I had to drive two hours each way to be treated by you and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you again



When my bladder crashed at age 81, who would have thought that by age 83 it would be back up where it belonged? Furthermore, the repair was just about discomfort-free. In fact, three days later, I was cooking and playing rummy – thanks to modern medical technology and my warm and wonderful surgeon, Dr. Red Alinsod, and his staff, my new found friends Diane and Maria and Tasha.

Now, I am wonderfully comfortable and feel like a nineteen year old – truly.

— Anonymous


I was a patient of Dr. Alinsod’s about two years ago, in 2009. I had a vaginal delivery in November of 2007, which resulted in a tremendous amount of tearing. I had undergone three revision surgeries, all which did not correct the problem. My HMO insurance wanted me to continue seeing the same gynecologists who performed the three revision surgeries. After a year and a half of the birth of my child and still not getting better, I decided to do some research. Thankfully, I found Dr. Alinsod online.

When I first contacted his office, I began speaking with Diane. She was absolutely fantastic and made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Alinsod’s staff has been nothing but sympathetic, helpful, sensitive, and compassionate to me. Dr. Alinsod, as well as his staff, responds to emails and phone messages very promptly, which is wonderful. Dr. Alinsod and his staff are in communication with one another so everyone knows what needs to be done. Dr. Alinsod is highly trained in vaginal surgery and even has doctors from all over the world come to learn from him. Dr. Alinsod was very understanding and offered me a cash patient price, since my HMO wouldn’t help out with costs. Any prescriptions or items that I needed mailed to me was done immediately as well.

Dr. Alinsod is located in Laguna Beach and I live in the San Fernando Valley. It was very convenient that I could see Dr. Alinsod at his Burbank office for my consultation and post surgical follow-up. Dr. Alinsod was able to work around my work schedule for both office appointments and the date of surgery. I only had to drive to Laguna Beach for the surgery.

I trusted Dr. Alinsod and am so happy that I did. He was able to fix my problem, which in turn helped me personally and also my marriage. Even though my surgery was two years ago, Dr. Alinsod will still reply to my updates on email and answer any questions that I have. After surgery with Dr. Alinsod, I had vaginal physical therapy for fourteen months. Dr. Alinsod and my physical therapist were in contact as to how my progress was going.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Alinsod for helping me so much. I am grateful for finding him, putting my faith in him, and being able to have an intimate relationship with my husband again.

Forever grateful patient, — Andrea


When I decided that labiaplasty was a procedure that I wished to pursue, I carefully researched the credentials of many physicians that offered this procedure and I quickly recognized that Dr. Alinsod was clearly highly and uniquely qualified (being both board certified in gynecology and trained in this type of an aesthetic procedure). I had the procedure in early January. Prior to the surgery I met with Dr. Alinsod and his extremely kind and professional staff. As soon as I met each of them and Dr. Alinsod, I realized that there was a sincere kindness and professionalism in how they treated their patients, and that I was in very good care. Even then, however, I did not realize how skilled my surgeon actually was. I have had many dental procedures that I only wish could have gone so well. Pain and swelling were minimal and medications that Dr. Alinsod prescribed for pain management were highly effective. My recovery was very quick. The improvement in appearance and comfort is striking. I am quite sure that no one (even another surgeon) would not be able to recognize that I had the procedure done, as there is no scar at all. I truly cannot thank Dr. Alinsod enough for the quality of surgery and care that I got. — MB

I would highly recommend Dr. Alinsod! He is incredibly detailed and it’s obvious that he takes great pride in his work and loves what he does. His staff is fantastic, they always made sure I was comfortable and they were all very nice and answered all my questions with great detail. He’s extremely personable and makes you feel at ease right away…..something most surgeons don’t do. “I’m extremely happy with the outcome and I would recommend Dr. Alinsod without hesitation.”
— C


Dr. Red Alinsod is a caring and compassionate physician that has helped change my personal outlook on life. For years I suffered low self-esteem due to the appearance of my vaginal area brought on by the ravages of childbearing. Not only did I leak urine but my labia were quite enlarged and caused irritation and pain. I could not wear jeans or tight clothing and wearing a swimsuit made me feel very self-conscious. I asked friends and family and medical professionals who I should see and all suggested I get in contact with Dr. Alinsod. I have never regretted my decision to seek out his opinion and to go ahead with my aesthetic surgery. I underwent a labial reduction, laser perineorrhapy, and vaginal tightening that has resulted in my renewed sense of youth. Some would call this “vaginal rejuvenation.” I am in my mid 40s and but my private areas are 21 years old again! I am so pleased and happy even more so than my husband who is quite impressed with the surgical results. I feel like a new woman not afraid to dress any way I please and no longer am I self-conscious because I have made the right decision to choose Dr. Alinsod to be my personal aesthetic surgeon for my most private of parts. — NR


I decided to have labiaplasty because I was embarrassed about the size of my labia minora, they were too big. I wanted to feel sexy, and I could not feel that way with my inner lips the way they were. I don’t have a lot of money, so when I saw an ad for this very inexpensive place called San Dimas Surgical Center, I thought this sounded like a good choice. The first thing that should have raised a red flag that this wasn’t the ideal place to have surgery was the fact that on the website there wasn’t any information about the doctor who would be performing my surgery, namely his expertise, which should never be the case with any surgical procedure. To be honest, I just thought this was a common procedure often performed, and it never crossed my mind that anything could go so terribly wrong. After the surgery, I noticed a difference between my two inner lips immediately, but I thought maybe it was just the swelling and it would all end up looking normal after a couple of months. Well, a couple of months passed, and it just ended up looking worse. One side was still very big, and the other side was very short and bumpy, with notches of skin throughout. I felt totally scarred and deformed, and what’s worse I thought it would be a permanent problem. I even thought I might have to give up sex because it looked so awful. I was very depressed and worried. This is where I started doing some research and I wanted to find, this time, the best in the business. I came across South Coast Urogynecology and took a look at Dr. Alisond’s work. His pictures of labiaplasty procedures were the best I’d ever seen, so smooth, so natural. Based on his pictures, I thought if anybody can help me, it has to be him. And sure enough, when I met Dr. Alisond he made me feel so at ease, he is such a gentleman, and so in touch with what a woman needs. He assured me that he could help me, and that news, to a woman who felt so incredibly hopeless up to that point, were music to my ears. My final results are incredible. I am so smooth down there, that I don’t even think any man would ever notice I had anything done! I’m very satisfied with my results. If I could do this procedure over again, I would never again choose a doctor based on price. I would, without a doubt, choose Dr. Alisond. He is very experienced at what he does, and has a great staff, most notably, Maria, his assistant, who was always so nice and reassuring. If you are considering labiaplasty, please choose wisely, this is such a complex procedure, and you should only let the most experienced surgeon work on such a delicate and important area to us women. Thank You Dr. Alinsod!!! — C


Dear Dr. Alinsod,

Thank you so much for your excellent care and treatment of me last summer and fall. I was under a tremendous strain with work, and selling a family home and dealing with the possessions of my two elderly parents.

I had had 2 ½ years of pelvic pain and had seen many doctors trying to figure out the cause. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer so I was very concerned about my pain and my weight loss. You immediately comforted me and were very thorough when you reviewed my old records.

You were very gentle with your exams and your procedures. No one else had looked at the possibility that I had intersticial cystitis and I was very relieved that you were able to rule that out as the problem. I know that to be a difficult disease to treat and patients have to live with that pain or take a medication that can have unpleasant side effects.

I had very rapid relief of my symptoms with the hormones you prescribed and I certainly will recommend you to friends and family. Thank you so much for your care.

Julie Ralls, M.D.


It is my pleasure to contribute positive information regarding my surgical experience performed by Dr. Red Alinsod.

I visited my OBGYN for a yearly exam, also addressing my discomfort due to a bladder infection. After the complete exam, it was determined that I had a prolapsed bladder. I was referred to Dr. Alinsod with the highest recommendation as being the best in the country, as well as the doctor who taught doctors how to do all of these wonderful new procedures.

I was terrified. But that went away the moment I had my first consultation with Dr. Alinsod. He was sensitive, very careful to explain the procedures I would need, and gave me all of my options with, and most importantly, the kindness and understanding a woman needs when faced with having this kind of surgery. I had never met a doctor who did this. I must also mention that every member of Dr. Alinsod’s staff was wonderful. This is also important.

After consulting with my family, I scheduled my surgery. Dr. Alinsod was going to reposition my bladder using the newest ‘sling’, also addressing my uterus & rectal conditions, and performing a ‘tightening’ of my vagina. It would be a major surgery, and the downtime was 2-3 months. Dr. Alinsod and his staff held my hand, giving me the confidence and comfort you need to have the procedure, careful instructions on having the most successful, fastest recovery, and made themselves available to me every step of the way.

I healed beautifully, and would recommend to any woman who has pelvic and vaginal problems, to have this surgery…….but make sure you have Dr. Alinsod or one of the doctors he trains do the surgery. In my opinion, this is the most important thing.

My medicare and supplemental insurance covered all but $113 for the bladder, uterine and rectal portions. I paid a very reasonable extra fee to Dr. Alinsod for the cosmetic portion. Why not have everything perfect again! Yes, even at 66 years old, I can look forward to a more pleasurable sexual experience.

I have spoken to many women who are ignorant and ashamed of their problems. I think that today’s surgical procedures for women have to be made more available in articles such as yours so that women can have a happier, healthier life.

Barbara A.
Laguna Niguel, California
Age 66


Since the birth of my 3rd child, I searched for a physician who would help me correct what I was told to be “normal” by numerous obstetricians / gynecologists. I thought I had stress incontinence, and knew I had large, uncomfortable labia, and a stretched vagina. I felt helpless until I met Dr. Alinsod.

It was last year when I discovered Dr. Red Alinsod by searching the Internet. I contacted him via email and to my surprise was contacted the next day, which happened to be on a Saturday. I could not believe the quick response and his sincerity and loyalty to his patients. I immediately knew he was a genuine person and very experienced by our phone conversation. He understood my needs and scheduled a consult. Dr. Alinsod performed a labiaplasty with unbelievable results. I was so impressed. I went back and within two months had a vaginoplasty, rectocele repair, and stress incontinence sling. My quality of life is 110% better.

I travel from North County, San Diego area to Laguna to see Dr. Alinsod. I highly recommend traveling across the states to anyone seeking the highest quality, state-of-the-art treatment. Dr. Alinsod is compassionate and truly takes pride in his profession. He is professional and kind with communication being one of his best qualities. I recommend Dr. Alinsod to all of my family and friends. I truly wish that all physicians practiced medicine in the same manner as Dr. Alinsod. He is simply amazing. — DM