Amniotic Fluid – Integrity AF


Frequent urge to urinate, and/or the need to wake up during the night to urinate. The formal definition encompasses urinary urgency (an abrupt need to urinate), often coupled with increased daytime frequency (frequent urination) and/or nocturia (disruptive waking at night to urinate), with or without urinary incontinence or leakage (OAB-wet) and in the absence of detectable diseases such as urinary tract infections.


integrityAFA single, painless injection of sterile and secure anti-inflammatory amniotic fluid beneath the bladder and urethra. To determine eligibility and monitor progress, completion of questionnaires and a thorough examination are required.

From a Grateful Patient

Amdrop Case Study

“After just 6 weeks after receiving my treatment for overactive bladder and I am beyond pleased that my frequency and urgency to urinate has been reduced by at least 50%, if not more. I am now able to exercise, sleep through the night and have far less worries about needing to know that a restroom is near by. The treatment has also completed eliminated all urine leakage during physical activity. I am absolutely amazed by this dramatic improvement that only took a single injection into my bladder, and I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from an overactive bladder. Thank you Dr. Alinsod!”