Labia Majoraplasty Augmentation

Vampire Wing Lift and FemXHA Treatments (aka Vulvar Plumping)

The use of PRP mixed with Hyaluronic filler (HA), such as Juvederm and Versa, are called the “Vampire” procedures because of the use of the patient’s own blood. Vampire Facials use PRP alone on the surface of the face either with microneedling or with Predictive Permeation. Vampire Face Lifts use both PRP with HA under the Skin via injections. Vampire Breast Lifts inject PRP alone or with HA into the breast tissues to give definition and cleavage. Vampire Wing Lifts use PRP and HA injected into the labia majora to add volume and reduce labia majora deflation. Like adding air to flat tires. Hyaluronic Acid as a filler works well because it draws water in and makes the tissues both plump and moist. I designed and developed a product called FemXHA that combines the PRP and the HA into one test tube for use to plump up tissues such as the labia majora or to help with debilitating conditions such as lichen sclerosis, vulvar vestibulitis, and severe vaginal dryness.


Below is an example of using FemXHA to speed up healing after a Labia Minoraplasty, plump up the Labia Majora over three-month span.


Vampire Wing Lift Photo series below. Top row shows Before on the left, immediately after surgery and Vampire injection in the middle, then post op a few months later on the top right. Many months later the patient returns for more filling as seen on the bottom row. Before Vampire Wing Lift #2 at the bottom left, immediately after the Wing Lift in the middle, then a few months later on the bottom right. The Wing Lifts can be done about a year to two years apart.

Before and After FemXHA treatments

Before and After Fem-hxa
Before and After fxha-2

How long does the vulvar plumping last and how much does it cost:

It depends on what type of Hyaluronic Acid you use. Crosslinked HA like Juvederm, Restylane, Versa, will last about 1-2 years. It costs about $800 per ml of HA. “Crosslink” means the HA is altered to have strong bonds that crosslink and connect the HA structure together preventing the rapid breakdown by the body’s enzymes. Touch ups are recommended when volume loss happens. You cannot stop aging. You can also use non-crosslinked HA that will last 6-12 months. Not as long. However, there is less lumpiness with non-cross linked HA and it is much more affordable at about $85 per ml. Plus the cost of the PRP is about $1200 per test tube and you need one per side.

Let’s compare Apples to Apples: Let’s use non-crosslinked HA 3ml per side for a total of 6ml. With the non-cross linked HA the procedure costs an average of about $2,900. That is $1,200×2 + $85×6 = $2,910.

Let’s now use the crosslinked HA at $800 per 1ml. That is now $1,200×2 + $800×6 = $7,200. It is 60% cheaper when non-crosslinked HA ($2,910 versus $7,200)

The problem for the doctor is that almost all HA on the market in the US is crosslinked. Hard to find non-crosslinked HA. Until now. A new kit is about to hit the markets called FemXHA. I have used this for over a year and it works amazingly well with the dramatic reduction in cost for the patient. It can be used not just for vulvar plumping and Vampire Wing Lifts but also for terribly debilitating conditions such as Lichen Sclerosis and Vulvar Vestibulitis.  Here is a link to more info on the combination PRP plus radiofrequency treatments such as ThermiVa.

Case Studies


Before Surgery

This patient wanted her labia minora reduced to be below the Labia Majora. She also wanted her wide clitoral hood to be reduced and made more petite. She also complained that she had lost the “puffiness” of her labia majora and wanted it to be filled with Hyaluronic Acid or fat.

femhxa-case1 after

After Surgery

The patient underwent her labia minoraplasty to a “Barbie Look” appearance and also had her clitoral hood reduced and the perineum smoothened. The Vampire Wing Lift with her own blood PRP and 2cc of Hyaluronic Acid per side was performed and she was very happy with results.

femhxa-case2 before

Before Surgery

Birth trauma damaged this 40+ year old patient’s vaginal opening and her labia majora were starting to sag. She wanted more symmetry and a more youthful appearance.

femhxa-case2 after

After Surgery

She underwent a vaginoplasty and perineoplasty as well as a Barbie Look Labiaplasty, Labia Majoraplasty, and Clitoral Hood Reduction. After surgery she had less sagging but she did not have the “puff” she was looking for so we added the Vampire Wing Lift at the end of the surgery.