Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery is a unique institution specializing in the advanced training of physicians and surgeons in the art and science of reconstructive pelvic surgery aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery. We also train extensively in nonsurgical urogynecology including Thermiva®, CO2 and Erbium Laser, O-Shot®, PPP, vampire facelift/facials, predictive permeation, Emsella and more. We transform the surgeons’ vision by integrating sound reconstructive and aesthetic techniques with the beauty of cosmetic refinements in vulvovaginal surgery.

The following Surgical Training Resources are available through AIAVS.

AIAVS GYNFLIX provides the most comprehensive set of Aesthetic Gynecology video resources and training.

This is the first and only true Master’s Course for continuing education focused on aesthetic gynecology. For details, visit: GOLD FELLOWS

Sneak Peek short versions of the full-length training videos. For only $1, you will have access to a whole library of videos.  Give it a try at : VIDEO SHORTS

Dr. Alinsod will travel to your practice and assist with your surgeries and procedures, working with your staff for proper setup.

On-site preceptorships are now offered through Wei Aesthetic and Alinsod Institutes in the Irvine, CA.  For information, please call 949-748-3880

Dr. Alinsod shares his 30+ yrs of experience in Cosmetic Gynecology, so that you can learn from his knowledge. Check it out here: NEWSLETTER