Susan Mikaelian, MD, FACOG Women’s Intimate Wellness, Vanguard Skin Associates, Colorado Springs, CO

“As an Ob-Gyn it has always been my mission to empower women to lead healthy, fulfilling, and active lives, and being able to offer comprehensive care for vulvovaginal function and health, sexual wellness, and intimate aesthetics was a natural extension of this charge. So recently I decided to seek out specialized training in advanced vulvovaginal surgery, and I was privileged to have the opportunity to train with the pioneer of so many breakthroughs in this field. 

I researched many training courses and in Dr. Alinsod’s program I found the full complement of modern surgical and non-surgical treatments for both function and aesthetics. After pouring over Dr. Alinsod’s extensive didactics and video library, I was privileged to spend time working one-on-one with him, learning the intricacies of these surgeries and how to tailor them individually for women. I peppered him with questions which he so graciously addressed as he provided an unparalleled surgical training experience. Watching the precision and artistry with which Dr. Alinsod worked was an amazing learning experience, and the secrets of his trade he so openly shared were invaluable. Furthermore, by learning to achieve an office-based aesthetic surgical practice I am able to offer a great service to my patients. The surgical devices and techniques used minimize patient postoperative discomfort and achieve the highest level of aesthetic results.

Dr. Alinsod I am grateful for the insight you and your incredible medical staff shared with me, the mentorship, and the opportunity to learn from you today and in the years to come.”

Sarah Girardi, MD, Advanced Urology Associates of New York, Manhasset, New York

Sarah Girardi, MD“I have just completed a 4 day, one to one preceptorship with Dr. Red Alinsod of the Alinsod Institute in Laguna Beach, California. I cannot overstate the importance of this unique training experience. As a urologist about to embark on an aesthetic center for our female patients, every aspect of Dr. Alinsod‘s program is invaluable.
Before my August visit, Dr. Alinsod invited me to email him with particular areas of interest. I wanted to observe surgical cases addressing pelvic organ prolapse, combined with vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. In addition, I wanted to address dyspareunia, decreased libido, and lack of sensitivity. Dr. Alinsod carefully selected surgical patients to illustrate all of these problems.
His superior surgical technique and remarkable bedside manner make him the perfect instructor for this type of care. He is incredibly generous with his surgical pearls of wisdom as well as advice on start-up costs and minimizing extraneous expenses. His extensive library of videos cover everything from the OR set up, to the tiniest details of vaginal surgery. I still cannot get over the complex repairs I observed under local anesthesia in the office setting.
The preceptorship also gives one the ability to observe his extraordinary staff in action. He has relatively few staff members doing the work of an army of personnel. They are efficient, extremely competent, and obviously very dedicated to Dr. Alinsod‘s overall mission.
I feel honored to have attended the course. I cannot think of another experience in surgery that is designed this way, and I will treasure these past four days for many years to come!
Thank you, Dr. Alinsod, for your incredible gifts. Your patients and students alike benefit enormously from your many talents.”

John R. Miklos, MDMiklos & Moore Urogynecology

John R. Miklos, Urologist“I have known Dr Red Alinsod for more than 2 decades and I have had the privilege of attending his courses as well as  watching him perform surgery in his office. I was astounded as to what he can accomplish in the office, pain free without the need for an operating room, hospital or an ambulatory surgical center.   He is one of only a handful of surgeons in the world who deserve to teach cosmetic vaginal surgery as he has been at the forefront of cosmetic genital surgery for more than 2 decades.   Dr Alinsod is a diligent, pragmatic, conscientious and precise clinician and surgeon who has revolutionized in-office cosmetic vaginal surgery. In fact most other surgeons (plastic, urogynecologic, gynecologic ) who are currently course directors for their own cosmetic vaginal surgery courses have trained under Dr Alinsod.  Why train with Dr Alinsod’s students when you can train with the Master himself.  Dr Alinsod is truly an expert and pioneer of cosmetic vaginal surgery!! “

CHRISTINE A. HAMORI MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Christine HamoriI have had the privilege to attend an educational session with Dr. Red Alinsod. As a plastic surgeon, I felt the need to hone my surgical skills in aesthetic gynecology. After researching training programs in the United States, I chose to attend Dr. Alinsod’s comprehensive course. My expectations were by far exceeded during my visit. Dr. Alinsod performed live surgery to demonstrate his meticulous techniques in perineoplasty, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty and O shot. At the completion of the course I felt that I could perform these procedures safely and effectively on my patients. I cannot speak highly enough of the experience and specifically of Dr. Alinsod’s ability to convey his vast knowledge of the field. Christine A. Hamori MD

Amr Seifelin, MD, Urogynecologist & Cosmetic Gynecologist, Cairo, Egypt

Amr Seifelin, MD“Many courses in aesthetic gynecology have proliferated worldwide and they all seem to have one constant: the programs either got their start at the Alinsod Institute in California or use the techniques Red developed over the past two decades.  From the in-office Barbie and Hybrid Look labiaplasty, to labia majoraplasty, to vaginoplasty, to ThermiVa and Amniotic Fluid treatments, they all got their starts with Red in Laguna Beach, California.  Now his Online courses are launching with much anticipation.” “I have visited and trained with Red several times which has resulted into a lifelong friendship both personally and professionally.   The Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (AIAVS), offers a unique preceptorship course in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic gynecology.  Training courses can be taken on site or online with the same quality as being in the surgery room.  His online course makes you feel as if you are by his side and speaking to each other.  It is exceptional in quality, clarity, and depth of materials and is unmatched.  It is obvious Red has been doing this awhile.” “Whether you are a practicing aesthetic gynecologist or starting your practice, Red will assist you in perfecting your skills and teach you ways to avoid complications with his exquisite quality of work, long experience and patent inventions.  As I said earlier, many top leaders in aesthetic gynecologists from 5 continents refined their skills in Laguna Beach.  You should follow that tried and true example to achieve excellence.  I have used what I learned and have carried on the excellence in my Center here in Cairo.” Amr Seifeldin, M.D | Urogynecologist & Cosmetic Gynecologist | |  | Tel:(+2)0100-5250230 Cairo – Egypt

Joao Brito Jaenisch, MD, Centro Intimo da Mulher, Brasil

Dr. Joao Brito Jaenisch“Vaginal aesthetic surgery is gaining demand and popularity every year and the interest by both gynecologists and plastic surgeons for training is huge here in Latin America and around the world.  Surgeons interested in this exciting specialty MUST prepare and be safe and start with excellent training.  I invite you to take a look and go learn with one of the best vaginal aesthetic surgeons in the world, Dr. Red Alinsod in Laguna Beach, California.  He is a very skilled surgeon and a brilliant teacher.  I had the opportunity to spend time with him in his office and experienced both superb training and witnessed the way he interacted and trained doctors from all parts of the world.  I saw first-hand the detailed and precise videos he uses and the vast library of cases he had to choose from.  He has collected the video cases for almost two decades in very high definition. The whole world comes to Laguna Beach to train with Red.  Don’t miss this opportunity to do live training with him or to take his amazingly detailed online course.  There are no other online courses that can come close or compare with his comprehensive materials.  You will feel as if you were sitting beside him and experiencing one-on-one cases.  It may first look expensive but then you realize the amazing value Red gives you for sharing his career-long expertise and ongoing follow-up and access to him.  That is most important.”


dr. aherreraI have been in private practice for over 30 years and am the first hospital-based, board-certified OB-GYN to practice aesthetic gynecology in the Philippines. I have and continue to provide excellent opportunities for empowering women with life-altering choices for their overall health and sexual well-being. My foundational training in aesthetic gynecology started in 2007 and leveraged diode laser technology that exceeded all of my patients’ expectations. Even with all the kudos and countless word-of-mouth referrals from happy couples and blissful singles, you get to realize that there is always room for improvement or a better way of taking it to the next level. It was in early part of this year 2017, I was again given  an opportunity to train under the  renowned urogynecologist, Dr. Red Alinsod, founder and Director of the Alinsod Institute of Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery (AIAVS) in Laguna Beach, California. Without a doubt, my 4-day training was simply an amazing experience that I should have taken much earlier. This remarkable experience starts with an extraordinary welcome by a warm and gracious Dr. Red and his exceptionally organized and hospitable staff.  What follows are virtuoso demonstrations of innovative techniques and precise procedures in cosmetic vulvovaginal gynecology using advanced temperature-controlled radio frequency technology that Dr. Red developed in conjunction with technology providers through his extensive years of private practice. As a true consummate educator, Dr. Red takes his training program intensely by limiting the number of trainees to a very small group that is perfect for close-in observation and collaboration, unrestricted Q&A . This program is the quintessential mentor-mentee bond and prepares his wards to return to their private practice armed with the wealth of knowledge, skills, confidence and more importantly, excitement to raise the science of cosmetic vaginal gynecology to an art form in a class of its own. Incidentally, your training and relationship with Dr. Red doesn’t end after you leave his institute. You have a plethora of privileges such as consultation, information exchange, online or in person. In just over a year, I was given the privilege to offer his Advanced Thermi- O Master’s course in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. Designated as the Key Opinion Leader and principal trainer for temperature-controlled frequency, together with Dr Red Alinsod, the training program/module is a comprehensive intensive one- day training. This was an opportune time to share the knowledge and skills in this newly evolving field of feminine restoration– aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery which restore not only women with functional aesthetic impairments but also those from the natural process of aging. Yes, Dr. Red encourages all of his mentees to keep in touch, always. Dr. Red’s program is a worthwhile and invaluable investment. Take advantage, now. Thank you, Dr. Red. You are God’s gift to aesthetic gynecologists and women all over.

Otto J Placik MD FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,

Otto PlacikAs a former alumni of Dr. Alinsod’s course, I have benefitted immensely from his training.  He is an innovative forward thinking physician who willingly shares intricate details of technical execution that will provide guidance in either beginning or honing your skills. From pre- to intra- and on to post op management, his pearls are critical to establishing or building your practice. He is not just a mentor but readily available reference source who is committed to your success. He is always at the forefront of the aesthetic female genital, often leading technological advancements and contributing academically. I enrolled in his course nearly 15 years ago and have highly recommended his tutelage to numerous colleagues who have all benefitted from his training courses.  Consider this course that has helped develop many of the leaders in this field. Chicago, IL   – October 7, 2020

Carolyn DeLucia, MD, ViVa Rejuvenation Center

Carolyn DeLucia MDDr Red Alinsod is one of the elite few pioneers in the field of female sexual health and cosmetic gynecology.  His online lecture series is thorough, honest and unbiased. He includes not only his own years of experience but shares the knowledge gained by experts in the field from all over the world.  Another quality that makes Dr. Alinsod’s webinars stand out over the flood of such lectures found online now is that he has been teaching his whole career.  Not everyone is a good instructor.  His calm kind demeanor is essential in a learning atmosphere.  The final benefit is the true quality of the videos, sound and technology used.  Overall, his course is top-notch quality and best source learning you can find.  Tons of love and respect,” Carolyn DeLucia,MD

OSCAR A. AGUIRRE, MD, FACOG, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America Englewood, CO

Dr. Oscar AguirreI have had the privilege of participating in Dr. Alinsod?s intensive one-on-one training in advanced aesthetic vaginal surgery. As an accomplished fellowship-trained urogynecologist and reconstructive pelvic surgeon with an emphasis on vaginal rejuvenation, I feel my time spent with Dr. Alinsod was invaluable. I have now implemented an office-based aesthetic vaginal surgical program which benefits both my patients and my practice. Observing Dr. Alinsod’s superior surgical skills and distinctive approach to aesthetic vaginal surgery, with the patient comfortably awake and without an I.V., was illuminating. I did not think it was possible until I saw it with my own eyes. I have added the techniques which he taught me to my current armamentarium of aesthetic vaginal surgery.

Mustafa Ahmed, M.D. FACS, Las Vegas, NV

Mustafa Ahmed, M.D.This is a personal note to any doctor thinking about entering the field of cosmetic gynecology.  I am sending this to Dr. Alinsod to show my appreciation for all he has done to guide me.  I am a Bariatric surgeon and started a cosmetic practice two years ago. I decided to add cosmetic gynecology to my practice as part of mommy makeover. I did a lot of research to find out who could teach me Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty as well as clitoral hood reduction. I found a lot of different people who could teach me, and they all learned it from Dr. Alinsod!  So, I decided to come to Dr. Alinsod to learn from him instead of his students. He gave me the option of coming to Laguna Beach and participate in his live courses or to take his online version. I learn best “hands on” so I traveled to The Alinsod Institute.  He gave me a sneak peek into his online Labial Workshop and Non-Surgical Workshop and it is truly impressive and unmatched.  For those who cannot travel to California this is the best option of learning bar none.  The course materials are complete and outstanding, the photographs are of the highest quality, the learning pace is self-guided, and the collection of fully narrated and illustrated videos is staggering.  You feel like you are next to him, learning one-on-one, with his guidance constantly in your ears.  The value of the course is tremendous and self-paying by doing only 1-2 cases. I was with him last week and he had a patient come to him from another city. Apparently, most of his patients drive and fly in from out of town.  He asked her how she heard of him and she said it was from another doctor’s website. This doctor was trained by Dr. Alinsod on his techniques.  The patient said she did her research and that’s why she came from a long way away to get labiaplasty from him. I was impressed. Dr. Alinsod is passionate about his field and it is obvious when he is teaching how he pays attention to the smallest detail.  He goes over the concepts in detail so that with repetition it is something one feels comfortable with doing.  He also teaches you how to do photography with live models so that you can feel comfortable interacting with patients. He gives you and extensive collection of videos so you could review the techniques of anatomy variations in intricated HD and 4K detail that you then see live during the numerous surgical cases during the week.  Finally, there are other services you could add to your practice including ThermiVa and O-Shot, AmDrop Shot, Predictive Permeation, the Vampire procedures, etc. One of the biggest values of the course is access to Dr. Alinsod’s team of marketing and internet geniuses that he generously shares with me and my staff. I am glad I went to Dr. Alinsod.  This will enhance my practice significantly and I will start perfecting and marketing my skills with his team’s hands-on help.  If anyone is interested in cosmetic gynecology, Dr. Alinsod is the doctor you should learn from. I highly recommend Red.  Go to the teacher of teachers. August 2020

Rafael Collazos, M.D. , Ruber International Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Rafael CallazosDefinitely taking Red’s training course online has been the best decision I have made to pursue my career in aesthetic gynecology.  The Pandemic has interfered with my trip to California so I am so blessed that Red entrusted me to be one of the very first to learn from his online courses.  When taking on new projects I decided long ago that I should train with the best in order to provide the best to my patients.   I did research of all reputable teachers worldwide and found out Red trained them all so I had to go to the source! Dr. Red is a great teacher, he does not keep any secrets, he wants you to be like him, to obtain the same results with your patients.  His clear and detailed videos, explaining step by step the procedures, make it like being next to him doing it.  He always promotes excellence in all his surgical and non-surgical procedures and he is single minded in pursuing excellence for his students. The predisposition that he always has to talk to you to solve your doubts makes you feel that you always have his support.  He answers every phone call, responds to every text and email.  He provides all the forms, files, photos, and connections so that can easily jump start my already established practice.  It shows that what he does he does with passion.  For me it has elevated my practice of vulvovaginal cosmetic surgery and regenerative gynecology to a higher level.  It’s simply the best source of learning anywhere in the world!!  No other course will compare.  I’m sure I’ll be in Laguna Beach for even more live and hands on preceptorships. September 2020

ALEXANDRA RUNNELS, MD, FACOG, Owner & Director of The Scarlett Phoenix, inc.,

Dr. Alexandra RunnelsI cannot say enough about Dr. Alinsod’s one-on-one, Advanced Masters Level Vulvovaginal training course. I knew how talented and innovative he is prior to attending his course, however, I did not anticipate how invaluable an experience I would have. Learning directly from one of the few, truly world-class leaders in the field of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology, was one of the highlights of my career. He is not only exceptionally skilled as an artist and physician but is remarkably generous with his unique ideas and techniques. Many of his invaluable secrets could be obtained in a book or online training video, but the real “magic” is gleamed, only in person. His attention to detail and impeccable, precision is truly unmatched. He is an awesome inspiration to learn from. Dr. Alinsod’s course is thoroughly planned with great detail. He made sure that before I left his beautiful, Laguna Beach office, I felt completely ready to implement all he had to teach me. He so freely shared his secrets in the procedure room, but also his marketing strategies, office procedures, policies, photographs and more literature and information than I could possibly read in a week. He is an extremely skilled photographer and spent a great deal of time teaching me the art of taking perfectly symmetric, before and after photographs. He helped me find affordable equipment and shared with me the best places to obtain supplies and keep costs low while maintaining exceptional quality and integrity. Dr. Alinsod’s course is worth every penny and probably, much more! I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone brave enough to enter this rapidly growing, always changing field of Cosmetic Gynecology. You will learn skills and techniques worth far more than he charges for the course. Additionally, his staff is wonderful and deserve to be greatly honored as well. They bent over backwards to make sure I had everything I needed and was comfortable throughout the week. I cannot wait to implement what I have learned in my practice and return again in the future for even more training. Looking forward to changing the specialty, one vagina at a time!

Yevgeniy Schuster, MD. F.A.C.O.G, Private Practice, Brooklyn, NY

Dr. SchusterBeing for almost 20 years in OBGYN practice I actually learned something that I could not even imagine does exist. Learning from Master Dr. Alinsod new tricks and tips helped me to enhance my surgical and nonsurgical skills.  He does not hold back any of his trade secrets. All his presentations are nothing but comprehensive teaching programs that deliver the essentials in crystal-clear formats and leave no questions unanswered. Many of his presented topics and videos nowhere to be found in any books or online. In his webinar he is not only presents his cases but kindly share video from his colleagues from all over the world.  The information that presented during his lectures not only help me to avoid potential pitfall in my surgeries but taught me  how to correct some of the other surgeon’s  mistakes or complications. Being new in the field of cosmetogynecology or avid cosmetic surgeon, those webinars are definitely the events to attend if you have an interest to continue to grow in the field of cosmetic gynecology. Needless to say it does not stop there. He is always willing to be available for any questions anytime in the course of your practice.” June 8, 2020

Hajira Yasmin MD, FACOG, CSC( AASECT)., Gynecologist & Medical Director of Women’s Intimacy clinic.

Hajira Yasmin MDDr Alinsod- Your webinars are truly amazing filled with useful relevant clinical scenarios and top notch clinical pearls. You are very generous in sharing your wisdom and clinical tips that you have gathered over the years. Your attention to detail in sending responses & contact resources after the webinar is fantastic and inspiring. I have gained valuable pieces of knowledge from your biologics webinar that I will use in my clinical practice. I recently learnt about botched labiaplasty from your webinar and it will change the way I will perform such cases to avoid pitfalls. Thanks very much for sharing your wisdom and skill sets with us to excel care for women all around the world!” Dr Hajira Yasmin MD, FACOG, CSC( AASECT). Gynecologist & Medical Director of Women’s Intimacy clinic. Weston, Wisconsin, USA.

ALEXANDROS BADER, MD, Director of Ob&Gyn and Cosmetic Gynaecology Center of Athens

Dr. Alexander BaderAs a board certified gynecologist, I am dealing with high numbers of vaginal operations and my interest is focused on urogynecology and pelvic relaxation problems. I decided that my next goal was to increase my patient?s quality of life as high as possible and to expand my knowledge regarding the sensitive pelvic and vaginal areas and focus my education on the cosmetic and aesthetic procedures that my patients are asking for. After spending a great deal of time searching on the web, I found Dr. Red Alinsod. I also found too many other respectable colleagues, who offer such education. To be honest, I did not know any of them, since I am from far away Greece. I decided to contact Dr. Alinsod because of his reputation, professionalism, and great love of his job. My first impression was completely right since he answered my phone call almost immediately the same day. We had first contact by the phone and he gave me the feeling that my long travel to USA will be easy and very well organized. I received from this gentleman a full time education! He taught me all of his techniques and tricks over the week of surgeries. His staff looked after me at the maximum and of course we had a great time late in the afternoons to enjoy beautiful Laguna Beach. After my return to Greece, I started immediately to perform all the new skills I acquired and using the knowledge I have received. I felt my surgical skills touched the very highest standards and my patients appreciated all of this. I feel respect for Dr. Alinsod and I am sure that he will be beside me any time I need him to support my practice in any way.

Michael P. Goodman MD, FACOG, NCMP, CCD, IF, .

Dr. Michael GoodmanIn June 2010 I had the privilege of spending two days observing six pelvic support, sexual enhancement and genital cosmetic procedures at the hands of a gifted and innovative surgeon. Although I am a long-experienced gynecologic, genital plastic and female cosmetic surgeon, and both teach and lecture on the subject, the two days I spent with Red were flush with new ideas about technique, helpful and innovative equipment, and office set-up. I was treated like an honored guest by both Dr. Alinsod and his kind and efficient staff. I recommend Dr. Alinsod as a surgeon, an innovator, a mentor and a “mensch”. To prospective trainees, I would recommend him as a gifted teacher who unquestionably ?has his act together? when it comes to one-on-one training in all aspects of, and innovation in, women?s genital plastic, cosmetic and pelvic support surgery. His courses are well organized; Red is very giving of his time, experience, and technique, including the important aspects of in-office analgesia/anesthesia, marketing, purchasing (capital expenditures and disposables) and office setup for these procedures. Michael Goodman, M.D.

FRANCISCO L. CANALES, M.D., Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery, Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Francisco CanalesMy staff and I had the privilege of spending 4 full days with Dr. Alinsod at his Laguna Beach office. The instructional cases covered the entire range of aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery and Dr. Alinsod carefully made sure that I saw and experienced each operation as if I were doing the case myself. Dr. Alinsod is a master surgeon, extremely skilled not only in surgery but in explaining each step of his procedures so that they are clear to the visiting surgeon. Dr. Alinsod prepared a comprehensive syllabus and his lectures were enjoyable and precise. As a plastic surgeon who has been performing labiaplasty for over 12 years, I left with new knowledge, new techniques, and felt the course will be of great value to my practice. Dr. Alinsod freely shared his vast knowledge of anatomy and vulvovaginal surgery, giving me the confidence to add to my armamentarium of cosmetic gynecologic procedures. I would highly recommend this course to fellow plastic surgeons and to other surgeons who want to learn from a world-wide leader in the field.

Francisco L. Canales, M.D.

HEATHER J. FURNAS, M.D., F.A.C.S., Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Stanford University

Dr. Heather Furnas“Dr. Red Alinsod is one of the pioneers in female genital cosmetic surgery. I spent a week with him seeing a variety of cases, procedures, and treatments. He was thorough in teaching, going over several Powerpoint lectures with me one-on-one. He has continued to be an excellent resource whenever I have any questions, and he is a joy to spend time with.” Happy holidays! Best, Heather

SAEED ALSARY, M.D., Chairman and Program Director of Urogynecology Fellowship, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Saeed AlsaryAfter few years of practicing as a trained urogynecologist and reconstructive female pelvic surgeon, I decided to join Dr. Alinsod to explore the area of aesthetic vulvo-vaginal surgery in depth. I was so delighted to find what I was looking for. The Private preceptorship with Dr. Alinsod is the right choice for an optimal approach in dealing with such complex medical concerns by female patients. Dr. Alinsod has a great personality and absolute dedication towards his patients and trainee. He is ready to share the finest details of his great surgical experience in the most humble manner. Taking this kind of training will surely put you on the track. Your future success depends on many things for which people vary a great deal. Remember, I can bring the horse to water, yet can’t force him to drink?. I highly recommend his private course and cordially thank him and his great team members, Laureen, Diane, Maria, JJ, for being so professional in making my experience such a memorable one. There is no better program around.

DR. LEILA KHALILI, Cosmetic Gynecologist Tehran, Iran

Dr. Leila KhaliliDr. Alinsod’s training has really given me new insight and techniques to apply in Cosmetic Gynecology Fieldwork for my future work, particularly as a new achievement in my territory. The training topics were very absolutely stunning! Again great that everything was pretty good to get the points of all techniques in a dynamic training atmosphere, and really Dr. Red Alinsod demonstrated brilliant points to all of us. This was really one of the best opportunities to learn cosmetic gynecology and was one of my best learning experiences in terms of what’s happening on in the world of cosmetic gynecology. All of the presented contents by Dr. Red Alinsod was consistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each session provided excellent techniques in each area. I feel that all the techniques used and the methods demonstrated were extremely good. I felt that there was alot of energy and enthusiasm. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises. The presentations had my full attention.

Thanks alot!!
Dr. Leila Khalili