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Rebroadcast of Webinar: “Keloid & Female Genital Mutilation…Treatment”[CLICK TO VIEW WEBINAR]

Description: Dr. Charles Runels of Cellular Medicine Association shares this webinar Dr. Red Alinsod discusses the non-surgical and surgical treatment of female genital mutilation and Dr. Runels discusses the treatment of Keloid with Botox® & with the Vampire Facial® procedure (and how that compares with triamcinolone)

Rebroadcast of Webinar: “What’s New and Trending in Women’s Sexual Health 2021”

Rebroadcast of Webinar: “Health & Hormones – Navigating the Precious Years”“. 

Description: This webinar was produced for the lay public, but may be of value to physicians for marketing purposes. The webinar covers items listed in the flyer below

You may view the webinar at: https://alinsodinstitute.com/health-hormones-webinar-june-16-2021/
Password: Adlfhsd*erF2

Carboxytherapy in Gynecology [NO REGISTRATION FEE].

This Alinsod Live webinar covers the three videos sent out in the past month that covered tissue Feathering, tricks for management of severe labial asymmetry and wide clitoral hood. The concept of the Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction for specific patients is also covered.

Also covered are discussions on Carboxytherapy and O2Vasc to increase genital blood flow.

Rebroadcast of Webinar: “Labiaplasty 101: A Primer on Aesthetic Gynecology“. 

Description: Webinar Topics:
1. Background and History
2. Getting started in Aesthetic Gynecology
3. Energy Based Devices
1. RF
2. Lasers
3. Predictive Permeation
4. Biologics/PRP/Amniotic Fluid/HA
1. O-Shot and Vampire Treatments
2. AmDrop for OAB
3. Vulvar Filling
5. Medical Photography
6. Tools of the Trade and the Set Up
7. In-Office Surgery
1. Labia Minoraplasty with Video
2. Labia Majoraplasty with Video
3. Clitoral Hood Reduction with Video

Rebroadcast of Webinar: “Botched Labiaplasty 101: Avoidance & Repair”

Description: Webinar Topics:
As more gynecologists, urologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic surgeons perform labial and vaginal surgeries, the need for revision surgery has steadily risen. Most of these surgeons attempting labial and vaginal surgeries have had little to no formalized training in aesthetic vulvovaginal surgeries. This may lead to complications, displeasing appearance, and unhappy patients. In this webinar, you will get an overview of complications and unsatisfactory labial surgery results and how to decide on the type of repair and revision needed to correct the problems. The Alinsod Feathering Revision Surgery will be introduced.

Rebroadcast of Webinar: “Thermi-O Synergy of Energy and Biologics Webinar”

Description: Webinar Topics:
Dr. Red Alinsod describes and demonstrates in full detail (NO SECRETS HELD BACK) the science and development of ThermiVa® radiofrequency, O-Shot®, AmDrop™ and Predictive Permeation for feminine conditions. Conditions such as orgasmic dysfunction, overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosis, atrophic conditions, wound healing are fully covered. Non-surgical management of cystocele and rectocele with are demonstrated. Detailed procedural photos and videos of ThermiVa®, O-Shot®, AmDrop™ shot, and the Vampire Wing Lift® are used to fully accredit the viewer to obtain membership and diplomas from both The Alinsod Institute and Dr. Charles Runels’ Cellular Medicine Association. Drs. Alinsod and Runels have collaborated to developed this unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity for the practitioner desiring to elevate their skills and offerings for their clients. This is the best training available without leaving your home or office.

Emsella: Electricmagnetic Pelvic Therapy ISCG2018

In this presentation, the following topics will be discussed:
1.The needs of the market for gynecologist and primary care physicians who treat leaky bladder.
2.What is High intensitty Focus Electromagnetic (HIFEM) therapy and the science behind it.
3.What are the clinical applications for HIFEM

ThermiVa Webinar 6 Year Review with Q&A

In this presentation, the following topics will be covered:

1. History of ThermiVa
2. Radiofrequency (RF) Tech Review
3. Uniqueness (appearance, plumbing, electrical)
4. Clinical Outcomes (6 years of use)
5. Energy and Biologics

Amniotic Fluid for Gynecological Conditions

In this presentation, the following topics will be covered:

1. Amniotic Membrane/products uses in Medicine
2. Advantages
3. Clinical Uses
4. Gynecological Uses
5. Early Experience

Photomodulation for Gynecology

In this presentation, the following topics will be covered:
History of Energy based products for feminine restoration
* Energy Based Devices
* Photobiomodulation Therapy
* Diode Laser
* Clinical Applications